Switzerland's Fabian Boesch threw a huge 1440 to follow up his Swiss teammates Fabian Boesch and Jonas Hunziker for a 1-2-3 lead after the first round of runs.

Switzerland's Andri Ragettli got his tweak on in the first round of the Men's Freeskiing Finals to take the early lead with a 91.20.

American Mcrae Williams is all alone in the field, lacking a fellow countryman tonight. But he got things started with a decent first run.

The American hypes the crowd and scores a 81, putting her in 3rd after Run 1.

USA's Jessika Jenson threw down a smooth 720 in her second run of the night at Big Air Fenway.

In her third jump of the night, Julia Marino sticks her second backflip for a score of 82 and a 1st place overall in the Women's Snowboarding Finals.

Canada's Max Parrot pulled out a clean triple cork in his second run to give him the lead after the second runs with a 183.50.

USA's Julia Marino is still in the lead after the second runs, stomping another backflip for a total score of 162.75.

Charles Guldemond landed a smooth 1260 in his first run and got the crowd at Fenway pumped!

Julia Marino nailed a backflip in her first run to take the Women's Snowboard Final lead after the first runs.