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The American hypes the crowd and scores a 81, putting her in 3rd after Run 1.

American Mcrae Williams is all alone in the field, lacking a fellow countryman tonight. But he got things started with a decent first run.

Switzerland's Fabian Boesch threw a huge 1440 to follow up his Swiss teammates Fabian Boesch and Jonas Hunziker for a 1-2-3 lead after the first round of runs.

Switzerland's Andri Ragettli got his tweak on in the first round of the Men's Freeskiing Finals to take the early lead with a 91.20.

So much for easing into it. The dudes came out firing in run 1 of the Polartec Big at Fenway Freeskiing Finals, as proven by Andri Ragettli, Fabian Boesch, and Jonas Hunziker.

Tiril Christiansen Sjåstad leads the way as the freeski ladies kick off the final night of Polartec Big Air at Fenway in style.

A big air event is only as good as its jump and a jump only as good as its grounds crew. In that spirit, meet the Polartec Big Air at Fenway maintenance team, who has kept one of the craziest jumps on earth up and running, Mother Nature be damned.

After a whole day to figure out the Big Air Fenway ramp (and the luxury of the snowboarders having gone yesterday), the world's best freeskiers have completed Qualifiers and are ready to take down the Finals tonight! Check out the wrap-up from a day of committed jumps from the freeskiers.

Let two of freeskiing's finest take you on a wild ride from centerfield to home plate. Needless to say, these dudes are just way too comfortable on the ol' sticks.

Big Air Fenway is certainly a historic event for the city of Boston. But did you know that 79 years ago, ski jumping was already a part of Beantown?

In 1937, a ski jump event took place in the Boston Garden and seeing it compared to the levels freeskiers are reaching today is quite a stark contrast.