Women's Snowboarding Final

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USA's Jessika Jenson threw down a smooth 720 in her second run of the night at Big Air Fenway.

In her third jump of the night, Julia Marino sticks her second backflip for a score of 82 and a 1st place overall in the Women's Snowboarding Finals.

USA's Julia Marino is still in the lead after the second runs, stomping another backflip for a total score of 162.75.

Julia Marino nailed a backflip in her first run to take the Women's Snowboard Final lead after the first runs.

The United States' Jessika Jenson took the first run of the Women's Snowboarding Finals but took a hard fall in her first run.

Check out our awesome supercut of the Polartec Big Air at Fenway Women’s Snowboard Final, which saw US upstart Julia Marino take the win despite great performances from Canadian duo Jenna Blasman and Brooke Voigt.

Julia Marino came out of nowhere and backflipped her way to a victory at Big Air Fenway in the Women's Snowboarding Final. Here's everything that went down, in 15-seconds.

Check out the top 3 runs from round 1 of the Polartec Big Air at Fenway Women's Snowboard Final.

Local Northeastern female (Connecticut) Julia Marino got the call-up when Ty Walker had to pull out of the event with a broken vertebrae. The 18-year-old made the most of the opportunity and dropped lofty backflips at Big Air Fenway and took the HUGE victory with a score of 169.25.

Canada's Jenna Blasman takes home second place in Women's Snowboarding with a total of 152.5.